Practice Guidelines!

Practice, Practice, Practice!!!

Here are some practice guidelines for students that have taken 1 year or more in order to have a successful year:

  • Practice assigned scales, chords, cadences, arpeggios for 5 minutes each day before starting pieces.  Otherwise, it take 10 minutes of class time listening to mistakes.
  • Do theory assignments each week to understand and learn the study of piano music.  Don’t wait until the last minute, otherwise it doesn’t get done.  (Suggestion: Parents should sign their child’s theory page to make sure the child has completed the work).
    Practice and count a new piece slowly and carefully.  Never play a new piece fast.
  • Practice and work out problem measures first instead of playing from beginning to end.  Otherwise, the pieces will not improve each week.
  • Count and use the metronome to check rhythm.
  • Look at all details in the music: rhythm, tempo, dynamics, phrasing, rests, etc.
  • Do not memorize pieces until all details are learned first, it will be harder to correct.
  • Practice assigned and required pieces first before you practice anything else.  Use your time wisely.

With hard work and good productive practice, you will be happy and successful!

If your child does these pointers, he/she should not tell you they have nothing to do or they don’t have enough to practice.

Thank you, parents, for all your help and support!