Student Requirements

1. Students will participate in a studio recital and at least one other event. The choices are:TrebleCleff

  • NMTA State Festival (October)
  • Fall Recital (November)
  • OMTA Fun Fair (February)
  • NFMC Junior Festival (March)
  • OMTA Trophy Festival (April)
  • NMTA District Festival (May)

2. Elementary and Intermediate students are required to learn and memorize a minimum of 4 pieces.

3. Advanced students are required to play, learn, and memorize 3 contrasting style period pieces. This can be from the Baroque, Classical, Romantic, and Modern periods of music.

4. For students with prearranged activities/sports: The Registration Fee reserves your place in the studio, and it will be required for parents to continue the monthly payments to keep your child’s place in the studio.