Events and Opportunities

The following events are wonderful opportunities for the student.  They will give students the incentive and goal to learn and perfect their required pieces to performance level. It will also help a student progress and develop music skills.

Nebraska Federation of Music Clubs Composition Competition and the Nebraska Music Teachers Association: Students write their own original music compositions.  Cash prizes are awarded.   The State winners can go on to Regional and possibly to the National level.

MUSIC FUN FAIR: Fun Fair is held at UNO in January. Students from Level 1 thru Level 12 are evaluated up to eight areas of music. The areas include: scales, chords, cadences, arpeggios, sight-reading, ear training, theory, and performance. All students have a chance to earn ribbons, rosettes, and trophies. I highly recommend this for all my students.

NATIONAL FEDERATION OF MUSIC CLUBS JUNIOR FESTIVAL: The Festival is design for all members of the NFMC. It is not a competition but an opportunity to perform and receive evaluation. Rules vary somewhat in each division, but in general, two songs are required of each solo entry: one number from the required list, and a choice selection. A qualified judge rates each entrant. Every entrant receives a State Certificate showing the rating achieved. In addition, a National Honors Certificate is given to each entrant receiving a Superior rating. The Gold Cup plan offers additional incentive to all entrants, and is awarded on a point system based on Junior Festival ratings.

YOUNG ARTISTS AUDITION AND RECITAL: This is held in April. It is for Elementary (5th, 6th & 7th), Intermediate (8th, & 9th), and Senior High (10th, 11th, & 12th) students, who are willing to put extra work and effort to memorize and perfect a program of classical works. There are cash awards for the 1st through the 6th place winner in each division.

DISTRICT FESTIVAL: the Nebraska Music Teachers Association sponsors District Auditions in May. The students must be prepared to play two memorized pieces before a judge, and take a theory, ear training, and sight-reading test. Trophies and medals are awarded.

STATE FESTIVAL: (October) Students who received an Excellent or Superior rating, and did well on the theory test at the District level qualifies to go on to State. Two memorized pieces and a theory test are required. Trophies and medals are awarded.

STUDIO RECITAL: (March) All of my students are expected to play in my annual spring recital. They have worked all year on their pieces. It is an achievement and a reward to be able to perform in public.

NEBRASKA SUMMER MUSIC OLYMPICS: (July) OMTA cosponsor this event each year. The student auditions two memorized pieces before a judge at the UNO Performing Arts Center. Students are individually honored for their musical achievement. Trophies will be awarded for Superior Ratings; silver medals are awarded to those who receive excellent ratings; bronze medals are awarded for good ratings; a fair rating will receive a ribbon of participation

TROPHY FESTIVAL: (April) Each Student will play 2 pieces from memory and a scale for each. The student is also required to take a Theory Test. There will be 3 performance ratings possible: AAA, AA, or A The AAA is the highest rating possible.  Every student will receive a trophy with the year and performance rating on the engraved plate of the trophy.