Studio Policy

Lessons typically begin the last week of August through mid May.

  1. PRACTICE AND COMMITMENT: All students must practice daily, record their practice times, and complete all assignments. This is very essential for musical growth and progress. Successful and rewarding music study depends on consistent daily practice. Parents are asked to provide the following: an established practice time, a tuned piano in good repair, supervision for young beginners, and encouragement and support.
    *Daily Suggested Practice Times:  Beginner:  15-20 minutes, Elementary:  30 minutes, Intermediate:  45 minutes, Advance: 60 minutes or more.  Students are required to write down practice times in their assignment book.
  2. SUPPLIES:  Students will need an assignment book, and folder.
    Students are required to bring all their lesson books, solo music, theory workbook, and assignment book to class each week.  No excuse for forgotten books, please.
  3. MISSED LESSONS: There will be no credit for missed lessons. Your place has been reserved in the teaching schedule. Please try to schedule lessons around sport activities. Make-up lessons may be scheduled at a mutually convenient time in the case of illness or occasional unavoidable conflict, provided advance notice was given.  *If you know in advance if your son or daughter cannot come to a lesson, please call me so I can fit students needing make-up lessons in the schedule.
  4. SICK POLICY:  If your child has had a fever or is ill within the last 24 hours of prior to their lesson, please do not bring your child to their lesson.  Instead, contact me to schedule a make-up lesson.
  5. RECITAL/FESTIVALS: All students will be expected to play at the studio Spring Recital. I will notify parents if your child is prepared to perform in the many opportunities offered to students.
  6. CONFERENCE:  There will be a Parent/Teacher Conference in February or March at the lesson time, to discuss your child’s progress.
  7. TERMINATION OF LESSONS: Each student who registers for lessons makes a commitment. The teacher may terminate a student’s lessons when the student is irregular in attendance, repeatedly fails to prepare assigned material, or is disruptive and disrespectful. A conference with the parents will be held prior to termination, and a decision must be decided by the teacher and parent. Parents, if you know your child is not practicing, please encourage them to do so. If your child resists, than I would recommend not to continue with the lessons.
  8. VACATIONS: No lessons are scheduled on these following dates: Check the calendar for vacation dates.